Dog Teeth – 4 Common Dental Problems to Watch for in Dogs

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One of the best things you can do for your dog is to watch out for any health issues. Especially with dog teeth.

Like people, dogs can have many medical ailments. They also commonly have dental problems. Dog teeth problems are something you should keep an eye out for.

Your Dogs General Health

You definitely need to pay attention to the overall condition of your dog’s health. It is also important to pay attention to the condition of their dental health.

Take a minute to think of all the different activities that a dog performs with his teeth. It quickly becomes clear why dental check-ups are so important.

Dog Teeth and Dental Health

A dog’s teeth are used for so many things. Grooming, playing, personal defense, biting, barking, chewing, giving affection to owners, nipping, and eating.

Considering each of these different activities, you know that a dog’s mouth and teeth stay much busier than any other part of his body. As a result, there is a wide range of different problems that can occur in a dog’s mouth. As a responsible pet owner, you should always pay attention to dogs teeth and mouth.

Becoming informed about issues that can occur in your dog’s mouth and with their teeth is a great step. You can start learning what you can to prevent or treat problems.

Vet inspecting Dog Teeth for 4 Common Dental Problems to Watch for in Dogs

Periodontal Disease

Just about all dogs will likely end up getting a periodontal disease at some point in their life or another. A majority of the time the reason for this is dental hygiene that is either poor or lacking altogether.

One of the most noticeable symptoms of periodontal disease is foul-smelling breath. Gingivitis and halitosis are common periodontal diseases that are easy to prevent.

This can be done by gently brushing your dog’s teeth each and every day. You will also want to look closely along the gum line for any signs of irritation.

Feeding your pet dog food that is dry can help tremendously in keeping problems like this at bay, as they help a great deal in keeping a dog’s teeth clean.

I feed Poppy dry food, although she would prefer to eat cheap tinned food! She also has a nightly ‘dental chew‘. These do seem to work as her teeth are good and her breath never smells. Unless she eats sardines or tuna!

We are also having a go at brushing her teeth. As she is 4 I wish I had started earlier to be honest.

Dog Teeth - 4 Common Dental Problems to Watch for in Dogs - periodontal disease

Dog Teeth Brushing

People often ask do you really need to brush your dog’s teeth and the answer is yes. You do need to brush your dog’s teeth as often as you can. Brushing your dog’s teeth daily is ideal although it is not easy to find the time.

Start by getting your dog used to the taste of the toothpaste. Then move up to using a toothbrush. Make sure you are using Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste. If you are just starting out, you can use a Dog Toothpaste and Toothbrush set.

I found this a useful video when I was starting out.

Easy Way to Brush a Dog’s Teeth – Helpful Vancouver Vet

Dog Teeth Brushing Chews

As well as having her teeth brushed, Poppy has a dog teeth brushing chew. We tend to alternate between 3 different types so Poppy doesn’t get bored of them. She always rushes to sit on her mat when I get her brushing chew out so they must taste good.

I prefer the Whimzees brand and we alternate between the stick and the brush. I buy the Whimzees mixed boxes when they are on offer, as you can get some good deals. And the boxes are great! I also buy Pooch & Mutt dental dog chews, though they are a bit more expensive so are a special weekend treat.

Dog Teeth Brushing Toy

Poppy is a terrier so loves to chew things. I bought her a dog teeth-brushing toy. I thought if she was chewing something she might as well chew something beneficial. You can squeeze dog toothpaste into the toy so they get that benefit when they chew. I bought a Dental Care Brushing Toy and it is still in one piece so that is a bonus.

Dog Teeth Brushing Treats

Every morning Poppy also has a Dental Hygiene Treat. I just think it is nice for her to start the day with a fresh mouth! She eats them so again they must taste OK.

Infections of the Mouth

It is fairly common for dogs to get infections in their mouth. There are quite a few different things that can cause this problem. Dogs love to chew on anything and everything they can. Sometimes they can obtain injuries from chewing on things like sticks or other types of hard objects.

When they do this it is very easy for them to get cuts, scrapes, or scratches in the mouth that can easily turn into an infection. For this reason, you will want to check your dog’s mouth frequently for signs of an infection. When you notice any redness or swelling, an antibiotic can quickly stop the bacteria from spreading.

Dog Teeth - 4 Common Dental Problems to Watch for in Dogs - foreign objects

Foreign Objects in the Mouth or Throat

Thankfully this is a problem that does not happen too often. However, it could result in the death of your dog. Objects can become lodged in your dog’s throat. Things like splinters from bones or sticks can become lodged in the mouth or throat of your dog.

Their molars can easily become chipped or cracked when objects become lodged in their mouth. When they go unnoticed, it can result in the exposure of tooth pulp and infections. When they become lodged in the throat and the dog tries to eat it can result in choking.

As there may be signs that an object is stuck in your dog’s mouth or throat, pay attention to excessive drooling, gagging or vomiting, or if your dog continuously paws at his mouth.

Mouth Tumors

When tumours in the mouth go unnoticed, they can develop into cancer and may ultimately take the life of your pet. A periodic check of your dog’s mouth will reveal tumours that should be checked or removed. This one simple step can actually save the life of your dog.

Regular Checks

Checking your dog’s teeth and mouth is not easy to do. But it is vital that you do it.

Many dogs don’t like you looking in their mouth but persevere until they will put up with it. Regular checks are important for the benefit of your dog’s teeth and your peace of mind.

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Dog Teeth - 4 Common Dental Problems to Watch for in Dogs
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Dog Teeth - dog watching a child brushing their teeth

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