Dog Behaviour Tips

Helping Your Dog Find Their Best Behaviour

We love our dogs just the way they are. More or less!

But wouldn’t it be great if they behaved well all the time? These are tips and tricks I have found to help with dog training especially if you have a new dog.

Looking For …

New Dog

Getting a new dog can be a bit stressful as there is so much for them to learn.

Don’t rush to train your dog but let them feel safe, secure and loved first.

Dog Training

Teaching your dog is not easy and you need tons of patience. I am not a dog trainer. Nor do I want to be. I think Poppy and I can both agree on that. However, I do research training tips to keep my dog safe. I can share these tips and tricks with you.

Whether they be dog training tips for new dogs owners, or those with more experience. Having an obedient dog is essential for their well being and safety.

Keep your dog happy and safe and reduce your frustrations with a well behaved dog.